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10 Tips to Sell Your House For Top Dollar

You have decided to sell your house, now what? It is time to prepare your home for sale. Putting a little bit of work into your home can help get it sold for top dollar. Read through these tips to best prepare your house for the marketplace!

Tip #1: Declutter Your Space

You must clean up your living space. Even if you are the cleanest person, there is probably some decluttering you could do. Clean off any visible areas (countertops, tables, dressers, etc.) of excess objects to create more space. Also, clean up the non-visible areas (closets, cabinets, drawers) since you never know what a buyer may look like.

Decluttering the space will make your home more appealing to buyers and will make it easier for you when it comes time to moving out. It is one easy way to sell your house faster and for the best price. Tip #2: Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything, and the very first thing a buyer will notice when driving up to your house is your curb appeal. You may even attract wondering buyers who did not know your house was for sale.

Doing simple things like cleaning up the yard, repainting the front door, power washing the driveway and home, or even just putting the trash away can attract potential buyers and help the overall value of your home. Tip #3: Depersonalize Space

One important thing you want to do to your home when selling is to depersonalize the space. Remove family pictures, memorabilia, personalized artwork, or even put random furniture in storage. You want to create a blank canvas for the buyer to envision their future home. You can also hire a home stager. They can bring new furniture into your house or help you organize your current house to best appeal to home buyers. Tip #4: Repaint Walls

It tends to be the best bet to have neutral colors throughout the house when putting it up for sale. While you may have a beautiful accented wall or a vibrant colored room, it may turn off some buyers. A neutral color will help a buyer better envision their future home. You want your home to be as inviting as possible to buyers. Tip #5: Lighting

Adding light to your home is very important when it comes to selling your house. Buyers want to walk into a home full of light, whether natural or artificial. Change out light bulbs for brighter ones. Even takedown unnecessary drapes. Anything to make your homes brighter. It will very much help when selling. Tip #6: Do Not Over Upgrade

Unless you are flipping a home, large upgrades and changes to the are not necessary. However, quick fixes can go a long way. You can do things like changing door handles, cabinet hardware, making sure doors close correctly, cleaning the floors and grout, and other quick, inexpensive fixes. Tip #7: Clean

Make sure to deep clean your home before listing. You want the place to look, feel, and smell like a clean home. Homebuyers want to walk into a place they feel has been taken care of. Tip #8: Hide Valuables

Make sure to put away any valuables you may have in a safe space. You will be having people go in and out of your house when showing. The last thing you want is somebody walking away with something that special to you. Tip #9: Pricing

The biggest killer of the home price is overpricing. You want to make sure the price you are listing your home at makes sense in your market. Also, sometimes listing a little bit below what your home is worth can create more traffic for your home and bring in multiple offers. Tip #10: Hire Real Estate Agent

Hiring a real estate agent is the best way to sell your home fast and for top dollar. Now, I am not saying to hire just any agent. Find an agent who is knowledgeable about your market and will be there when you need them most (Like myself). An agent should guide you through this process and make selling your home easy and stress-free.

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