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Leasing A Home in Houston...

Many people these days are tired of living in an apartment or condo. However, they are also not ready to purchase a home at the moment. Now that does not mean that they can NEVER live in a house. They do have the option that presents the best of both worlds; Leasing a HOME!

Where Do I Start?

First thing is, you need a trusted real estate agent like myself😎 Leasing a house is more complicated than an apartment. A lot of the same documentation that an apartment complex would. However, the leasing contracts and applications are different. With a real estate agent, you will have an inside look at the home leasing market and be able to rid yourself of the headaches that can come with finding a home to lease. The best part is, the service an agent provides you is completely free!

What Is The Next Step?

Now that you have a real estate agent, it is time to start looking for homes. Your agent should update you on the current market and provide homes that meet your criteria. Almost all landlords will mainly look at credit history, background checks, and rental history. It is important to note that not all landlords allow pets in their homes. Make sure you inform your agent of any pets that may be coming with you.

What Costs Come with Leasing?

When leasing a home there are a few upfront costs that may be required. There is an application fee that is used to run a credit and background check on the future tenant (could be anywhere from $35 to over $70). If you are having pets in the house, there will be a pet deposit that will be paid prior to move in. However, the biggest cost when leasing is the payment of the security deposit and first month’s rent. Usually, that security deposit will equal one month’s rent.

Overall, leasing a home provides the best of both worlds. You, the tenet, do not have to worry about the stress that can come with owning a home, and are able to enjoy the space and privacy that an apartment does not offer.

If you are looking to lease a home, contact me TODAY!

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