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The New Memorial Park

In recent years there has been a focus on beautifying, expanding, and conserving the natural area of Houston. Specifically, the very famous Memorial Park. Memorial park serves as a place of recreation and community where people come together to enjoy the outdoors and escape the busy city life in Houston. With the collaborations of the City of Houston, Memorial Park Conservancy, ecological scientist, and the support of a robust community, we are soon to see one of the most beautiful parks and recreation areas in the state.

The Master Plan

According to the Memorial Park Conservancy, the objectives of the 10-year Master plan are:

· To restore the Park’s ecology and create better resiliency

· Reconnect the Park’s waterways and trails

· Adding recreational areas for people

· Tend to the land and the Park’s cultural history

· Enhance the Park’s overall experience and amenities.

The Master Plan is broken up into 3 different projects; Easter Glades, Land Bridge and Prairie, and Sports Complex.

Eastern Glades

The Clay Family Eastern Glades is the first of the three projects that make up the Memorial Park Master Plan. Now completed, the Eastern Glades opened up 100 acres of previously inaccessible land. The project expanded parking, restrooms, and picnicking areas. It also added a new 5 ½ acre lake with boardwalks and provided more hiking and biking trails. This area will make a great place for people to escape the city and enjoy those beautiful weekends with their family and friends.

Land Bridge and Prairie Project

The Land Bridge and Prairie Project is another 100-acre project that will bring together the North and South sides of the Memorial Park. The city seeks to do this by constructing a land bridge over Memorial Drive and restoring the Gulf Coast prairie and additional wetlands. The land bride will include a new network of trails for safe crossing. Another objective of the project is to ensure the resiliency of the area by better managing stormwater. The project is expected to come in 2022.

Memorial Park Sports Complex

The Memorial Park Sports Complex is an essential part of the Master Plan. The project's goals are to create more areas for recreation by creating several multi-use sports fields with a forested buffer between the new complex and I-10. Creating the Sport's Complex will create a balance between the revamping of natural areas and the creation of more recreational areas. The first phase will open in 2020 and continue as the Park develops.

Overall, the new Memorial Park will be an incredible addition to the city of Houston: a city that lacks natural areas for recreation and wilderness. The project will allow the people of Houston to enjoy their days off and make it easier to escape the noisy and busy city life. The Eastern Glades are now open; check it out and enjoy this new part of our wonderful city.

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